Fate Has Brought Us Here Part 3

Title: Fate Has Brought Us Here

Category: Books » Twilight

Author: cullen818

Language: English, Rating: Rated: MA

Genre: Romance/Drama

Published: 04-09-09, Updated: 10-16-09

Chapters: 34, Words: 93,408

Chapter 13: Chapter 13



I woke up much the same way I did every morning. I was lying on my side and Jasper was spooning me, with his arms securely around my waist. Although his body was incredibly cold against mine, I wouldn’t have it any other way. As a matter of fact, I didn’t think I would ever be able to sleep again, without some part of his body touching mine. Feeling his marble chest against every muscle in my back and his cool breath on my neck started to make me tingle. My desire for him was increasing by the second, and I hadn’t even turned around to see his gorgeous face yet. Obviously, he sensed it.

“What are you thinking about so early this morning?” He kissed my neck.

“Do you really have to ask?” I inched myself closer to him.

“Good morning, my naughty girl.” He snaked his hands beneath my tank and cupped my breasts, gently squeezing them, and to neither of our surprises, my nipples hardened under his touch. He took one hand and slid it down my panties, moving his hand up and down over my already wet entrance. “I’ve been waiting for you to wake up.”

“Oh… Jasper.” He removed his hand from my shirt and reached into the night stand, while his other hand kept working me. “I want you.” And, with glorious vampire speed, I was on my back and he was hovering over me. Both of our bottoms were off. Yes, he was good. I tugged at his shirt, so he quickly pulled it over his head and tossed it aside. He began rubbing his tongue down my neck, as my pulse began to quicken. There was something very erotic about a hot vampire lingering at my neck. He worked his way back to my lips and began his assault on them; nibbling and sucking on them until they became swollen.

He moved his mouth to my ear and then whispered, “Bella, I can feel how aroused you are. Tell me who it’s for?”

“It’s always for you, Jasper,” I moaned. “Only you could make me this wet. Don’t make me wait any longer.” Having him so close, smelling his irresistible fragrance was driving me crazy. “Please…”

He started nibbling on my earlobe and then began nipping at my jaw. I thought I was going to explode. My heart rate increased and I thought it would beat right out of my chest. “Bella, it’s not going to be gentle today, baby.” He gripped my hips and plunged into me with such force, that I was sure it should have hurt as I sunk deeper into the mattress, but the feeling it was creating was only making me more aroused. I know he felt that from me, because each thrust got harder. “I need to get deeper. You’re not close enough.” He whispered in my ear.

I tightly wrapped my legs around his waist to allow him more access as he pushed harder. He quickly shifted our position, so that he was now seated, with his arms wrapped around my back. He pushed my shoulders down, causing my body to slip further on to his erection. “Bella, you’re so tight…it feels so good when you are wrapped around me.” He pulled the back of my hair, exposing my neck to him. He lowered his mouth and began nipping at the skin, alternating gentle bites and licks. I found that I liked that; probably more then I should. He moved away as he lifted my shirt over my head and began squeezing my breasts, rolling my nipples between his thumb and finger. He was thrusting into me at full force again, and I knew I would have trouble walking later, but I couldn’t seem to care.

“Put your teeth on me again.” I threw my head back, so he could have full access to my neck. He twisted his fingers in my hair and began gently nipping at my skin.

“Jasper…bite me harder.” I wanted him to do it. I wanted him to take me now, while we were making love. The desire I was feeling wasn’t just about sex, but about needing him so completely, and I wanted him to know that I was his.

He increased the pressure with his teeth just above my collarbone, and I knew that he could feel that throbbing vein against his tongue. “Bella, I need you to cum for me now!” He didn’t remove his teeth from my neck, as he plowed faster and harder, and my body did as he asked.

I felt that tingling sensation rise from my core, and I screamed his name as I exploded all over him. He released my neck from his mouth, and with one final thrust, he emptied himself. The cool liquid filling the condom caused me to shiver. He held me close to him as we stayed joined together, while I tried to catch my breath. He created a small space between us, just enough for him to look into my eyes. He gently stroked the fresh indentation marks he had left on my neck. “You are over-estimating my control.”

I hadn’t realized how hard it would have been for him to pull back. “I’m sorry.” I stroked his cheek. “It just felt so good, and I wanted you to know that it would be okay with me if you wanted to… well, you know.”

He shifted our position again, so that we were lying on the bed, facing one another on our sides. He pulled the blanket up over me. He was always such a gentleman. “So, you are saying that you were ready for me to change you right then and there. No discussions about it, you wanted me to just do it.”

“I hadn’t really thought it through, I suppose. I just know that we were so close to one another, and that the love I feel for you couldn’t get any deeper than the way I feel right now. I wanted you to know that I am yours, and I always will be.”

He closed his eyes and squeezed them tight, and then slowly opened them. “I love you very much, and I know that you want to be with me, but before you can fully commit, I think I need to tell you something.”

I started feeling anxious. “Jasper, I’m sorry if I pushed you too far with the biting. I didn’t mean it.” Please, God, don’t let him leave me.

He put his hand on my shoulder. “Bella, calm down. This has nothing to do with the biting, but I think that you need to hear something from me, before I can change you.”

“You’re not mad?”

“No, but you might be. So, promise me that you will try to stay calm and hear me out.”

How could he think I could ever be mad at anything he would have to say to me? No one had ever treated me the way he did. “What is it?”

“I’ve wanted to bring this up for quite some time now, but you haven’t been ready to hear it. Now I feel it has to be said, in order for us to move forward. It has to do with Edward.”

I tried to stay relaxed. “Just say it Jasper. I can handle it, and if I can’t, you will help me.”

He ran his fingers through my hair. “You are so beautiful.” He gently kissed my lips.

“The day in the forest after your birthday, when Edward left you.” My heart rate began to accelerate, but he continued. “He lied to you about why he was leaving.”

I didn’t understand. “Lied about what?”

“He left for you.” He stared at me, waiting for his words to process in my head, and gauging my emotions all the while.

“No,” I wouldn’t believe that. “He said that he was leaving, and that he didn’t want me. It hurt so badly, because I knew it never made sense for him to want me.” I remembered every painful word Edward spoke that afternoon.

“Bella, he lied because he knew you would never have let him go if you didn’t believe that he no longer wanted you.” He shook his head. “How absurd for any man to not want you.”

“Jasper, why are you telling me this?”

“Because you need to know the truth, and trust me, it is killing me to tell you, not just because I don’t want to cause you pain, but I don’t want to lose you.” He kissed me again.

“Why would you lose me? “ I felt like I was missing something.

“After what happened the night of your party, he realized that you might always be in danger if you were around him…us. He was trying to give you a chance to be a normal teenage girl, leading a happy, vampire-free life. Bella, do you understand what I am saying?”

I felt tears streaming down my cheeks, but I wasn’t sure why. I shook my head. “Just tell me, please.” I was scared now. He wiped the tears away with his thumb.

“My sweet girl, Edward left because he loved you; he always did and probably still does. He was trying to protect you from our kind. He was letting you go to save your soul.”

“No… why are you telling me this?” I couldn’t believe it. After all of this time, the words that I so desperately wanted to hear, he was telling me.

“Because I think you are ready to hear them. When I found you again, we couldn’t even speak his name, and then I started to fall in love with you and, by some miracle, you reciprocated. You have given yourself to me fully, but I’ve always been honest with you, and I couldn’t have what I knew hanging over our heads. I’m giving you the information and I will do whatever you want, even if it means that you need me to bring you to Edward.”

Was he insane? Bring me to Edward? If Edward loved me so much, shouldn’t he be coming to me? This was too much to process. I was confused, but then I looked into those beautiful amber eyes, and it all became so abundantly clear. I remembered it all; the first few days in the coffee shop, the way I felt when his hand touched mine that first afternoon, the night he came to my bedroom to help me sleep, the first time we kissed, my twentieth birthday, the way I felt when he showed me his scars, the first time we made love…every moment we had shared flooded my head. “Jasper, what you just told me changes nothing.”

“What?” Now it was his turn to be confused. “Bella, do you understand that Edward still loves you?”

“Well, good for Edward.” I touched his face. “I appreciate what you just told me, and I know it took a lot for you to do it, but it doesn’t change the way I feel about you.”

“Bella, I didn’t think it would, but knowing what you and he shared, I would understand if… ”

I cut him off. “I used to dream that he would come back for me, to tell me he was wrong, or that he really did love me. I didn’t do it often because it hurt too much, but I would imagine what my life would be like with him, and in those two years that I shut myself off from the world, I thought I was waiting for him to come back, but now I know better.”

“What were you waiting for?” He was curious.

“A man who would love me unconditionally, who wasn’t afraid to touch me, who could tell me exactly how he feels, who was willing to make me just like him. I was waiting for you, Jasper Whitlock, and I am so glad that you found me.” He pulled me close to him, crushing his lips against mine, and in that moment I could feel all of the love that we shared. I would never need anyone else.

“I love you, Isabella Swan.” He kissed me softly.

“Thank you for being honest with me. That means more to me than you will ever know. I love you and I always will.”

“You don’t know how happy I am to hear that. I know I should have told you about Edward sooner, but there never seemed to be an appropriate time, but then, when you were begging me to bite you, I realized that I had put those conditions on you to reconcile with your parents and overcome your heartache over Edward, and I hadn’t even told you the truth. I needed to make sure that it was still me you wanted.”

“About the biting, I was so caught up in the moment. You know you do things to me that make me crazy.” He smiled. “Of course I still want you to change me, but I haven’t forgotten the conditions.”

“I think you overcame a big one today, don’t you.?”

“Yes, Edward was a huge hurdle for me to get over, and I feel that it is a rather large weight lifted off of my shoulders, but you have to know that I have not been carrying a torch for him all of the time we have been together. I’ve never compared the two of you, well, maybe I do have abandonment issues, but I know what I felt for Edward and I know what I feel for you. Bella the teenager loved Edward, but it was brief and fleeting, and it wasn’t meant to last.”

“And, is it Bella the woman who loves me?”

“Exactly, see you get me.” I pushed the hair from his eyes. I really did love this man. “As for Charlie and Renee, I think I’d like to begin mending those fences, too.”

“Would you like me to help you?”

“I’m counting on it. I feel it would be best to start with Charlie. I was thinking maybe over the Thanksgiving break? We could take a few extra days and go see him. I mean we don’t have to eat a turkey dinner with him or anything.”

“Thank Heavens, as I really don’t prefer turkey.” He grinned.

“You know, you never really told me what it was that you did prefer.”

“Well, lately it’s been a little of everything, but mostly lions and tigers and bears.”

“Oh my!” I smiled, “I couldn’t resist.”

“Very cute.” He smiled. “You really are adorable.”

“Anyway, Charlie, remember? I thought we could go see him, let him see how happy I am and that I am doing much better. He really does deserve that after the way I treated him.”

“I think that is a great idea. Are you planning on staying with him at his house?”

“No, I want to be with you.” The very thought of spending anytime away from him was painful.

“I was just checking. I will make reservations for us to stay at this quaint little inn just outside of Port Angeles, and then I can take you to Charlie as often as you like, but the nights are mine.”

“Hmm… what are we going to do on those nights?”

“I’ll think of something.” He pulled me closer to him and gave me a slow, heated kiss. “Are you getting the idea?”

“We are going to be late for class if we don’t get out of this bed.” I tried to wiggle out of his hold. It really was no use.

“You’re right,” he sighed. “And since we will be taking a few days off to visit your father, I guess we have to get to class.”

“I’ll call him today and let him know we’re coming.” I felt a wave of anxiety come over me. I knew I was going to have to make peace with Charlie sooner or later, but I never factored in how I was going to explain Jasper.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.

“I can’t believe we are going back to Forks.”

“It won’t be that bad.” He kissed my forehead.

“I guess you’re right. What could possibly happen?”


Chapter 14: Chapter 14



After our morning classes today we were leaving for Forks. Forks, of all places. I knew we would have to journey back there eventually as it was the right thing to do for Bella, but I wasn’t really looking forward to returning. We wouldn’t be there long and we would be spending most of our time at the hotel near Port Angeles. I was really looking forward to that part because it would be a nice getaway for Bella and I, but something just wasn’t sitting well with me and I couldn’t put my finger on it.

I felt much better now that Bella knew the truth about Edward still loving her, and I was very pleased with her reaction to it. It was extremely difficult for me to tell her because I was terrified of losing her, but I knew that in the long run it was better that she heard it from me because if she knew I kept that from her any longer then necessary she might have never forgiven me. How could this fragile, little girl evoke such terror in me? I am a vampire for God sake I’m not suppose to be frightened of anything, but here I was afraid that she could disappear from my existence at any time. And, that is exactly why we were taking this trip. She needed to make peace with Charlie; bringing us one step closer to spending eternity together.

Maybe returning to the place where my life with Bella was set in motion wouldn’t be such a bad thing for me either. Perhaps I could finally come to terms with trying to attack her and put that horrible truth behind me. I knew she had forgiven me for that, but it still haunted me; probably because that moment of weakness caused Edward to free her and leave the door open for me. Of course there was no way that I could have known that then, but now knowing what I do know, if I had to do it over again, I wouldn’t have changed a single thing about the night of her eighteenth birthday. And I knew on some level how truly wrong that was.

“Jasper…” She came running down the stairs and jumped into my waiting arms. “How do you always catch me? Even when it looks like you are not even paying attention?”

“Vampire trick, I suppose.” I kissed her. “You smell absolutely delicious today. The bubble bath I like?”

“Of course.” She kissed me back. “My bag is packed so whenever you are ready to leave for school I’m good.”

“We can go now. I’ve hunted, filled the tank with gas and packed some snacks for the human.”

“You think of everything!”

“Did you speak to Charlie last night?” I picked the bags up from the foyer.

“Yes, he is expecting us, but he already had Thanksgiving plans with his friends at La Push he did offer to cancel them, I told him that wasn’t necessary ”

“Expecting us? Did you tell him about me?”

“Not exactly. I just told him I was coming home with a friend and I really wanted to see him.”

“Bella?” Why didn’t she just get it over with and tell him that we were together?

“Jasper, he was just so thrilled that I had a friend that we didn’t get past much of anything else besides he will see for himself soon enough.”

“Right, can’t wait to see that reaction.” I took her hand and led her out to the car. I knew Charlie hated Edward and I couldn’t stop thinking of the term ‘guilty by association.’


The car ride to Washington was very uneventful, well except for when Bella made me stop at that fast food drive thru so that she could order some of that extremely repulsive food. The aroma was incredibly offensive to my heightened senses, but she seemed to be enjoying it, and whatever she wanted I would give her. She slept for a good portion of the evening and while I missed her conversation I was glad that I could pick up speed. She didn’t like when I drove too fast, but the purpose of me driving was to get us to Forks in record time. We pulled up to the hotel as she began to stir.

“Sweetheart, we are here.” I leaned toward her and gently kissed her lips.

She was groggy as she glanced at her watch. “Already? How did we get here so fast?”

“Please, Bella, I could have gotten us here much faster if I didn’t have to wait for you to fall asleep to go past a hundred.”

“Jasper, what if you would have gotten pulled over?”

“I would have dazzled the police officer into letting me go. I am very charismatic.” I winked at her.

“Have you done that before? What have I told you about using your advantage over unsuspecting people?”

“Oh, you don’t seem to mind when it gets you a table at a restaurant faster or when that waitress brings you your latte before we are barely through the door at the coffee shop.”

“Please, she does that because of you. Don’t think I don’t notice the way she flirts with you.”

“My jealous Bella, that emotion suits you.” She stuck her tongue out at me. “Don’t tempt me, at least not until we get to our room.” I kissed her. “Let’s go check in.”

Our room was perfect and I could feel how pleased Bella was with everything. She ran right to the gas fireplace and turned it on. She jumped into the oversized plush bed and patted the pillow next to her. She handed me the remote. “Relinquishing the remote? Whatever did I do to deserve you?”

She cuddled into my chest “This place is fabulous. I’m going to love spending the next few days here with you although this bed is no where near as big as ours.”

“However will we manage?” I rolled on top of her and began kissing her jaw line working my way down to her neck.

“I have a feeling you are going to show me.” She twisted her fingers into my hair as she pulled me closer to her. We had a very eventful evening to say the least and then I helped her drift into a very secure slumber. I knew she was anxious about seeing Charlie and I wanted her to have a good night sleep.

I shook my head and smiled as I listened to her hem and haw in the bathroom. It never took her longer then fifteen minutes to get ready because she was a very low maintenance girl by nature, but on this particular morning she was taking her sweet time. I could feel her stress, uncertainty, and yes, even excitement over her impending visit with her father. Did she really think he wouldn’t welcome her with open arms? True, he might not accept me in her life, but it wasn’t about that. Bella needed to see Charlie to know that he had forgiven her for the way she shut down when Edward left, and Charlie needed to see that she was happy and in love, but most importantly he needed to see that I was not my brother. I could never hurt her and I just wasn’t capable of leaving her. Right or wrong; I just didn’t have it in me.

“Bella, sweetheart, Charlie is waiting for you.” I knocked on the bathroom door. “Are you ready?”

“Jasper?” She was anxious as she walked out of the bathroom. She looked radiant; her hair was pulled back in a ponytail revealing every beautiful feature of her face. She was flawless.

“What is it, darlin’?”

“I need some of your calming vibes.”

“Bella, it will be fine.” I put my hands on either side of her face and looked into those amazing brown eyes.

She took a deep breath. “Thanks.” She smiled and if my heart could beat it would have stopped at the very sight of her. “I’m ready now.” She kissed me and then turned for the door.

I grabbed her ponytail and gently tugged her back to me. “Hey!” She yelled.

“I wasn’t finished.” I lifted her a few inches from the ground so that we were eye level and slowly kissed her lips. She tasted divine. “I love you.” I whispered as I gently placed her back on her feet. I chuckled as I felt her passion building for me. “Come on naughty girl, we will play later.” I took her hand and led her out the door and to the car.


We pulled up in front of Charlie’s house in no time at all. Jasper drove a little too fast for my liking; not just because it scared me when he did, but because I didn’t need him to get me here that fast. As expected Charlie was standing on the front porch waiting for us.

“Bella, relax! I will control the emotional climate if it becomes necessary.”

“Did I mention that I love you?”

“As much as I love you?” He stole my line.

“More.” I wanted to kiss him, but I knew I couldn’t with Charlie hovering. Jasper took my hand and gave it a gentle squeeze. As soon as we stepped out of the car I could see the confusion on my fathers face. Jasper put his hand on the small of back and led me up the steps. He was already controlling the climate. Bless him.

“Dad,” I leaned in and gave him a quick hug. “How are you?”

“I’m great Bells.” To my surprise he held me in the embrace a few seconds longer. He whispered, “Is that a Cullen?” Jasper grinned at the question and Charlie would have been mortified if he knew Jasper heard him.

I pulled out of the hug and Charlie starred at me for a few seconds. “You look nice, Bella. Much different then your last visit.” I guess he was referring to the fact that I had looked like a zombie the last time he saw me.

“Yea, thanks and you are looking well, too.”

Charlie switched his focus to Jasper who took a step forward. “Chief Swan, it is very nice to see you again. I don’t know if you remember, but I’m Jasper.”

He nodded in response. “One of Dr. Cullen’s other sons?”

“Yes.” Jasper smiled at him and I was glad that I couldn’t feel the emotions that Jasper must have been getting from him.

True to Forks form it started to rain. “Why don’t we go inside?” Charlie held the door open for us. I took in the room and noticed that everything was still the same. My father truly was a creature of habit. Jasper helped me out of my coat and hung both of ours on the hook by the door.

We went and sat on the sofa next to one another. Charlie took the loveseat. His starring was becoming awkward. “So, dad, how are things in Forks?”

“They are about the same as when you left. How are things in Alaska?” He arched an eyebrow. Never a good sign.

“Good, actually better then good. My classes aren’t so bad this semester, but that’s probably because Jasper is such a good tutor.”

“You are a good student. You hardly even need my help.” He smiled and then I was locked in his eyes.

Charlie broke our gaze. “How is it that the two of you connected all the way in Alaska?”

“I just sort of ran into Jasper one day in history class.”

“It was a total coincidence.” Jasper added.

“Hmm.” Charlie was skeptical.

“Really dad, we were both shocked.”

The casual conversation kept up at that pace for a few more minutes and then before I knew it Jasper had Charlie so at ease they were laughing and carrying on. Jasper really was shameless; he had Charlie dazzled in no time at all. He really was very charismatic when he needed to be. They were discussing the big Thanksgiving Day game and who they thought would win. They talked about everything from the Civil War right up to who was a better actor; DeNiro or Pacino? They were so busy that I found myself in the kitchen preparing lunch and tidying up the house. This was going much better then I had anticipated. Silly me why did I think this trip was going to be such a disaster?

When I came back out to the living room Jasper was standing telling Charlie that his team was going to get crushed. He smiled at me and said, “Bella, sweetheart, I have a few errands to run and then I will come back and get you in an hour or so. You visit with Charlie and I’ll be back before you know it.” So, it was Charlie now? What happened to Chief Swan? “Will you walk me to the door?”

“Sure.” He took my hand.

“Goodbye Charlie. It was great talking with you.”

“See you later, Jasper and remember be ready to pay up on that bet.”

“You’re going to lose that one.” He laughed as we walked to the door.

“Bet?” I asked.

“Football.” He rolled his eyes. “I think you and your dad should visit now. I’m going to hunt and then I’ll come back for you. Remember, the nights are mine.”

My heart rate accelerated and I blushed.

“Naughty girl. I’ll see you soon.” He gave me a quick kiss probably because he knew that was all I could handle. I walked back to the living room and found Charlie already eating the sandwich I had prepared him.


I interrupted him, “Dad, before you say anything I just want you to know that Jasper has been really good to me. I know what you are thinking. He is a Cullen and how could I have gotten myself involved with him, but it just sort of happened and I can’t apologize for that. He means so much to me and I hope you can understand.”

“Bella, I was just going to say that I really like him and I think he is really good for you.”

“You do?” I was shocked.

“Yes, I haven’t seen you this happy in years. Hell, I don’t know if I’ve ever seen you this happy. You are glowing.”

I blushed. “Well, I’m glad you like him. He seems to be fond of you, too.”

“Bella, I’m glad you came home. I really have missed you.”

I knew it took a lot for him to say that. We were both far from the mushy type, but now it was my turn. “Dad, I’m sorry for all the pain I caused you over the past couple of years. My behavior was inexcusable and I can’t really explain why I acted that way, but I can apologize for it.”

“It’s alright. I probably could have handled myself better, too. I’m just happy that you are better and have found someone who makes you smile. I love you, Bells.”

“I know Dad, I love you, too.” And I did. My heart seemed so full at that moment and I made Charlie’s day. He deserved to see me happy and Jasper made that possible. But then again, Jasper knew that this was always the right thing to do. I’d have to properly thank him later.

When Jasper came back for me we said goodnight to Charlie and promised to visit him in the morning before he left for work. He was still going to La Push on Thursday although he offered to change his plans, but we told him we were spending a quiet day at the hotel before heading back on Friday and he seemed to appreciate that. At least I would get to see him again before we left.


Chapter 15: Chapter 15



Once we got back to our room, I had trouble keeping my hands off of her. She was so keyed up about the visit with Charlie, that she had difficulty containing all of those joyful emotions. I was very pleased that she was so happy. She had come such a long way in these past few months, and I delighted in the fact that I had something to do with that.

We sat on the bed, and she kept going on about all of the things Charlie had told her, and how pleased he was that she had found me. Her thoughts were all over the place. She told me about the station and the deputy and the deputy’s crazy mother. It was all very cute, but I seemed to have other things on my mind, and I couldn’t help but want to share them with her. I started kissing her neck as I slowly pulled the band from her hair, letting those soft and silky locks fall around her shoulders.

“Oh, I think Charlie may even be seeing someone from La Push,” she began to say, as I started unbuttoning her blouse. “He wouldn’t really confirm it, but I could tell.” I slipped the shirt from her body and tossed it aside. I moved the hair away from her ear as I leaned in to place soft kisses from the hollow there, working my way down her jaw line.

“Wouldn’t that be great if Charlie finally found someone after all of this time?” I slid my hands down her stomach and unbuttoned her jeans, rubbing my fingertips over her exposed hips. “Oh and Char…”

I couldn’t take it anymore. “Bella, please shut up!”

She started to giggle. “I’m sorry Jasper, I’m just so excited and you made it happen.”

“I’m so happy for you, but I’m excited, too.” I took her hand and pushed it into my erection. “And, you made that happen.”

Her eyes widened. “Sorry…please continue.” She crushed her lips to mine and parted them as I slipped my tongue into her waiting mouth. Without breaking the kiss, I pulled her off the bed and quickly tore off her pants. I picked her up and she tightly wrapped her legs around my waist, pushing her soaking wet core into my erection. I could feel how hot she was for me, smell her desire, and it was making me want to take her in ways that I knew her body wasn’t strong enough for. I had to find the balance. I needed to push back the beast that I knew she could unleash within me. But, how, when she was so ready and willing to let me do whatever I wanted to her?

I slammed her against the wall, as I reached inside her panties. “Jasper, the people in the next room!” She panicked.

“There isn’t anyone on either side of us. I booked those rooms too.” She was confused.

“Bella, I know how loud we can get.” I pushed two fingers inside her entrance and began pumping, while I held her up with my other arm. She tightened her grip on my hips with her legs. I could feel her muscles contract around my fingers as she started to rock back and forth in rhythm with me. She was making me wild. “Bella, if you don’t stop that I’m going to cum in my pants.”

“I… I can’t help it.” She moaned. “Why are your pants still on?”

I kissed her hard on the mouth, pushing her further into the wall. “Only I can make you feel this way.” I was crazed for her at this moment, and her heavy breathing and moaning only increased my desire for her. “Bella, open your eyes.” She did as I asked. “No one will ever be able to make you feel this way.”

She shook her head. “I don’t want anyone else.”

I slammed her into the wall again as I continued sliding my finger deeper into her hot, moist sheath. She was so close that I could almost feel the climax building with inside her. “Jasper…” She screamed.

“Say it again.” I needed to hear her scream for me again.

“Jasper…Oh God, I’m…” She bit down on my shoulder as she let go into my hand.

There was nothing hotter than Bella letting go all over me. I slid my hand out of her panties and ripped them from her body. I retrieved the condom from my pocket and quickly unbuckled my belt, as I let my pants and boxers fall to the floor. She was still recovering from her orgasm, but I couldn’t wait any longer. I placed one hand on the wall beside her face as I lifted her onto me with the other. She gasped as I thrust into her.

“Oh … Bella…. I love being inside of you. Knowing no one else has been there and no one else ever will. No one will ever touch you. You are mine, my sweet Bella.” I began thrusting harder, as she gripped my hair in her hands. That primal urge to claim her took over and I had to pace myself. I was dangerously close to taking her to the point where she wouldn’t be able to handle it. There would be time for that after she was strong; more like me. I slowed myself down and began pushing into her with more controlled moves, and I could feel every fold and angle of her glorious heat. “You are mine…Bella.”

“I think I was always supposed to be. Oh, Jasper… I love you.”

And with those three beautiful words rolling off of her tongue, I gave in and released; pushing as far into her as her body would allow. I softly kissed her cheeks, chin and lips. “I love you, too.” I walked us over to the bed and gently put her down. I snuggled next to her, pulling the covers up over her, so that she wouldn’t get a chill from me.

“Always the gentleman,” she said.

“Well, I think I just proved not always. Are you okay?” I could see the bruises starting to make their way to the surface of her arms and shoulders. I would not miss doing that to her, once she was changed.

“I’m better than okay. I’m fantastic. I can’t describe how I’m feeling, so it’s a good thing you can feel what’s coming off of me. Will it always be like that? So incredibly perfect?”

“I imagine so. Every time we are together, it seems to get more amazing, but as we grow as a couple, I’m sure it can only intensify.”

“When I’m like you, will it be different? I mean, better for you?” She picked her head up so that she could look at me.

“Not that I would ever need it to be better than it just was, but it will be easier for me. I won’t have to focus on controlling myself, so that I don’t seriously hurt you. It will be different for you, too, because you won’t have bruises all over your body all of the time, and it won’t always be so painful for you.” I pushed the hair out of her face.

“The bruises don’t bother me, and it doesn’t hurt as much as it used to, so I hope you don’t worry about that.”

“I do, but it’s only because I hate causing you any type of pain.”

“Jasper, I would never want to stop because, when I’m that close to you, I feel so complete. It has become a part of me, a basic need like water and air. I need you.”

I pulled her onto my chest. “Bella, you are everything to me, never doubt that. Whether you are human or a vampire, I will always want you.”

She reached up and kissed me, as she hitched her leg up over my hip. “Do you want me now?”

She was insatiable. I had created a monster without even injecting my venom into her veins. “Always.” I bit her bottom lip, as I rolled her underneath me.


I was sitting at the piano this morning, trying to decide what I wanted to do with my day. I was thinking of going car shopping, not that I really needed a new car, but I was thinking a change might be nice. Carlisle had the day off from the hospital, and he and Esme were planning on taking a shopping trip to Seattle, and they were trying to persuade Alice and me to join them. Esme really didn’t have to do much to convince Alice, and I knew Carlisle had wanted me there for the moral support, when he was forced to watch them try on hundreds of different outfits. I played the new composition I had been working on for Esme, while Alice sat on the sofa flipping through a magazine.

“Well, Edward,” she asked. “Are you going to come with us to Seattle?”

I continued to play the piano as I pondered.

“Come on, it will be fun. We can pick out a whole new wardrobe for you.”

“I don’t need a whole new wardrobe, Alice, because there is nothing wrong with the one I already have. My stuff is practically brand new, because you never let me wear it more than once.”

She gave me a dirty look. “I don’t hear you complaining when you are wearing the new collections before anyone else has even seen them.”

I rolled my eyes. “I guess I’m going shopping.” She didn’t respond. I looked up at her and realized she was lost in a vision. I got up from the piano, and planned to leave the room, so that I could keep my promise and respect her privacy with these troublesome visions she was having. As I began to leave, I heard her speak and I literally froze in my tracks. She said their names so clearly, that it hit me like a bolt of lightning. I knew I didn’t misunderstand, but just in case, she said it again.

She was staring out into space, and she was so focused on what she was seeing, that I was sure she had forgotten that I was even in the room. She whispered, “Jasper and Bella are in Forks.” It wasn’t a question. She was so certain.

Once I let it sink in, I walked over to her, kneeled in front of her and took her hands.

“Edward?” She looked confused. “Edward, I’m sorry.” She was so sincere.

“It’s okay, Alice. Let me see what’s in your head now.” She didn’t fight me. I saw them at the Forks diner, getting out of his car and walking hand in hand. She was so beautiful that I became lost in the sight of her, and for a second, I forgot that it was his hand she was holding. No, this couldn’t be. Why would they be together? “Alice, is this today?”

“What? No, Edward, back away.” She pulled her hands from me. “Stop!” She got up and tried to get away from me. I grabbed her arm. “Please Edward, don’t do this.”

I pulled her toward me, so that I could look into her eyes. “Don’t do what? See what else you are keeping from me? Is this what you have been hiding?” I growled.

“Stop it! Trust me, you don’t want to see what else I’ve seen.” She tried to pull away from me.

I tightened my grip. “How could you do this? Why didn’t you tell me?” She was flustered and mad, so I knew it was my opportunity to get back inside of her head. She was right; I didn’t like what I saw. Alaska, a coffee shop, a new truck, a classroom, a house and a bed that they seemed to be sharing. I growled again, as I increased the pressure on Alice’s arm. She became agitated.

“Get off!” She pushed me back with such force that I hit the wall on the other side of the room.

I was just as angry. “How could you keep that from me?” I walked back over to her. “What were you thinking?”

“You pompous ass! I was trying to protect you, and spare this family anymore pain over your precious Bella.”

“Is this vision going to occur today?” I needed to know if they were here in Forks now.

“I don’t know, Edward. It could be, but it could also be six weeks from now.”

I thought for a second. “No, I saw pumpkins and pictures of turkeys in the window. It’s now or at least in the next few days. Are you sure something’s not wrong with your head? Is there anyway your mind could have fabricated this? I mean, maybe you haven’t come to terms with Jasper leaving, and this was just easier for you?” I knew I was reaching, but I couldn’t figure it out.

“Are you nuts? Why would I make that up? Do you think watching Jasper fall in love with Bella would be easier than just accepting that he left me?”

What did she mean, fall in love with Bella? My rage was bubbling out of control. I picked the lamp up from the table and hurled it at the wall. The pictures that were hanging there slammed to the floor and shattered. I headed for the door.

“Where are you going?” She panicked.

“To find them” I was enraged, but I needed a plan.

“No, Edward. You need to leave it be and just accept it.”

She really was crazy. “You accept it!”

“I have, and I’m dealing with it. I know it will be hard, but you have to let her go.”

“And give her to Jasper? So he could what? Kill her at any moment?” In that moment, I was the predator and he was my prey, but I was also the protector and she was my charge.

“He would never hurt her, but you already have. Please, Edward just leave them alone.”

“Never.” And with that, I was out the door and running. I heard Alice scream for Carlisle, but there was no way they could catch me. I took off toward Charlie’s house first; such a familiar path to me that I could still do it with my eyes closed. If she had been there recently, I’d be able to pick up her scent.

I slowed my pace as I approached the front yard. The chief’s truck was gone, so I would be able to go inside to further investigate. I breathed in the surrounding air and it hit me in an instant. I hadn’t smelled her in over two years, and now she was so close. Yes, she had been here, not even an hour ago. I went to the front door and let myself in. Charlie was too predictable, because he still hid the key in the same spot. I stood still as I surveyed the house. Everything was exactly the same. I could almost see Bella standing at the kitchen sink washing the dinner dishes. I took a deep breath and immediately became enraged again. I could smell my brother. Alice was right, Jasper was with Bella. But, how? Why? Oh, I certainly intended to find out.

I took off running again, this time toward the diner. I would find them if it was the last thing I ever did. The parking lot was surrounded by thick woods and I knew I could wait all day if I had to, without being detected. But, as luck would have it, I wasn’t going to have to wait all that long, because Jasper pulled up and parked on the side of the restaurant. He got out and walked around to open her door. She stepped out, and just like in Alice’s vision, she was as lovely as ever. Actually, she was prettier, if that were possible. She no longer looked like a child, but more like a stunning beauty coming into womanhood. She had lost her awkwardness, and it seemed to be replaced with a quiet confidence. She was almost glowing. She giggled as she whispered into his ear. I balled my fists as tight as I could when I heard what she had just told him. He took her hand just like in the vision, and they walked into the diner.

I started to go in after them, and if I had been thinking clearly, I would have realized that wasn’t the best course of action I could take, but it probably wouldn’t be my only mistake today. I felt my phone vibrating in my pocket. I reached for it without thinking. Of course, who else would it be? I answered, “What Alice?”

“Oh, thank God. Look, Edward, I know you found them because I saw it, but just turn around and come back home.”

“No, I’m going to her, now.” She couldn’t stop me.

“Edward, listen to me. I had a vision and you don’t want to confront them. If you do, you will hurt Bella.”

“Alice, that’s absurd, I would never physically hurt her. Jasper yes, but not her.”

“No, it will be an accident, but you will hurt her… you …”

I lost track of what she was saying when I caught another glimpse of Bella. I couldn’t believe it; she was coming out of the diner alone and walking toward the car. I smiled. How stupid of him to leave her unattended. This was my opportunity, and I was going to take it.

“Edward, are you listening to me? Come home!”

“I will, when I’m finished.”

“Fine, I’ll tell Carlisle to be ready for her.”

I snapped the phone shut and walked toward Bella. I was so close now that I could smell her, and not just her blood, but her soap and shampoo and everything wonderful about her. My throat was burning, but I didn’t seem to care. She was inches from my touch, just as I had imagined so many times. She was leaning inside the passenger side door looking for something.

“Nice car,” I said. She started to answer, but then she froze, and it seemed like forever before she turned around and looked at me.


Chapter 16: Chapter 16




We left Charlie’s house and headed to the diner for breakfast. I was starving. I was so glad that I got to see him again before we left. I told him that he didn’t need to continue with the lease on the apartment, because I would be staying at Jasper’s from now on, and he seemed to take it pretty well. Okay, well, he was a little disappointed in it, but when I reminded him that I was an adult, he really couldn’t argue. And, it probably was a good thing that Jasper was there to control the climate, or Charlie might have had a heart attack. Oh well!

“Can we come back over Christmas break?” I asked.

“If that’s what you want.”

“And can we stay at the hotel again?”

“Of course.” We pulled into the parking lot of the diner.

“And you’ll book all the surrounding rooms?”

“Do you think that will be necessary?” He smiled.

“Well, we do have a tendency to get loud.” I blushed.

“We?” He got out, and came around to open my door for me.

I stepped out, and whispered in his ear. “I can’t help it if I like when you do that thing with your tongue.”

He took my hand as we walked into the diner. “Bella, if you want to eat breakfast now, you probably shouldn’t tell me what you like in the bedroom.” He shot me a wicked grin.

“I’ll eat fast.”

“Good idea.” He held the door to the restaurant open for me.

“Oh, I left my phone in the car.” I probably wouldn’t need it, but just in case.

“Do you need it?” He asked.

“What if Charlie needs me?”

“Okay,” he smiled. “I’ll go get it.”

“No, you get us a table. It’s a bit crowded in here, so do what you have to do.”

“Now I’m allowed to use my power on unsuspecting people?”

“I’m hungry, baby.” I laughed, as I walked out to the car. I went to the passenger side, opened the door and leaned in to grab my phone. I felt that strange, but familiar chill run down my spine. I could almost sense someone behind me, but I had heard nothing. Until…

“Nice car.”

“Thanks, it’s my boyf…” I knew the velvet voice, but I couldn’t will myself to turn around. I began to shake, as a knot began to form in my stomach. I tried to relax, because Jasper would surely sense this and I didn’t need that. I slowly turned around and met his gaze. He was just as perfect as ever. He was standing there so casually, as if a day hadn’t gone by at all since the last time I had seen him. It was like he had been with me the entire time, but I knew that wasn’t true, and that’s when I felt the lump beginning to form in my throat, and my chest began to tighten. “Edward?” I had to swallow hard. “What are you doing here?”

“I could ask you the same thing, love,” he smiled.

“No, you left, and said you would never come back.” He was beautiful standing there before me; his clothes were just as neat and pressed as always and there wasn’t a hair out of place. And that smile could make my knees buckle, but I quickly pulled myself out of that thought, and forced myself to remember what my life had been like after he left … before Jasper. I was just starting to get it together, and I would be damned if I was going to let him take that from me, too.

“No, I said that I would stay out of your life. You weren’t supposed to be here in Forks, I checked.”

“My father still lives here and I visit.”

“Not that often, according to Carlisle.”

He had Carlisle check on me? “It doesn’t matter.” I didn’t want to deal with him. “I have to get back inside.” If Jasper walked in on this reunion, I was fairly certain it would not go over well. I kept staring at him in total disbelief. Maybe it was a hallucination. But, why, after everything was going right in my life, would I create him? That didn’t make sense. I turned to walk away, but he gently grabbed my arm and the coolness of his touch sent shock waves through my already stunned system. No, this was not a hallucination. This was the real Edward, standing not two inches from me. I could feel his sweet breath on my face.

“Bella, wait...” He pulled me closer to him, as my heart rate began to accelerate. I found that I didn’t want him to touch me at all. “You can’t just walk away from me, not after all of this time.”

Was he serious? I couldn’t walk away from him? “Really, because you had no trouble doing just that a few years ago.” I was becoming more terrified by the second, and I just wanted him to go. I couldn’t handle this now. I knew where my life was headed, and I didn’t need him to ruin that for me, too.

“Bella, I left because it was the right thing to do, but now I think, in light of your recent association, you need to hear my side of the story.”

“Are you referring to Jasper?” He tightened his grip on my arm. “How did you even find out about us?” His eyes narrowed, as he drew his lips back from his teeth. Now he didn’t look like my Edward at all, he looked like a terrifying vampire and I didn’t like it. “Edward, can you let go of me?” I felt like I was going to be sick.

He pulled me closer to him, and began smelling my hair and neck. He was taking in my scent. “I can smell him all over you.” He still hadn’t loosened his grip. “Why, Bella?”

Before I could answer, I could hear Jasper screaming as he ran to me. I was too afraid to register what he was saying. While I was extremely relieved that he was coming for me, I was also very aware that this would not end well for any of us.


I charmed the waitress into seating us before the long line of people standing in the entry. I smiled to myself, as I thought of Bella allowing me to use my power because she was hungry. I wondered if she would have a talent when she became a vampire. She was so special in so many ways, that I was sure something would have to carry over into her new life. Only time would tell. She was taking an awful long time to retrieve her phone, and if I knew my absent minded girl, she probably left it at Charlie’s. I’d give her a few more seconds, before I went after her. Then, suddenly, a wave of fear hit me. I looked around, but I couldn’t feel it from anyone in the diner. I thought it was odd, but this emotion was coming from someone more familiar to me; not a stranger. Even odder, was the fact that I could pick up this emotion without being in close proximity to the source. Then I felt her heart rate increase, and the fear intensify. Bella! I jumped up and ran to the parking lot. I spotted her. Them. How? He had his hand on her, and she was struggling to break away. She didn’t stand a chance, and she knew it.

I ran to her. “Get your hand off of her! Can’t you see she is afraid of you?” Edward turned his gaze toward me, and I was in his face in an instant. “Let go of her! She is scared of you.”

He released her immediately, and attempted to say, “Bella. I’m…”

I shot him a deadly look, and said for only him to hear. Shut up! I turned to Bella. “Are you okay?”

“Jasper, I just came out to get my phone, and I -I didn’t know he would be here. Why is he here?”

“Shh, baby, it’s okay. You’re okay.”

“Jasper, please don’t leave me. You can’t leave me! You promised. Please, Jasper.” She was hysterical now.

“What’s wrong with her?” Edward was frantic.

“Bella, I’m not going anywhere. Remember, I will always come for you. Look at me.” I put my hands on either side of her face, and relaxed her. She put her head on my shoulder. “Feel better?”

She nodded her head. “Sorry, I was taken by surprise.” She looked at Edward.

“Bella,” Edward said. “I didn’t mean to frighten you.”

“What were you thinking, approaching her like that? Touching her?” I spoke to only him. You better keep yourself in check around her.

“Look who’s talking,” he laughed. “Aren’t you the one who could go for her jugular at any second?”

“Stop it! Don’t fight.” Bella pleaded to both of us.

“No, Bella, there are some things that I need to say to my brother.” I could feel Edward’s anger build, and I knew I should have controlled it, but I was too concerned for Bella.

Not here. I’m not doing this in front of her. I told him.

“Then where?” He spat back.

“Let me take Bella back to the hotel, and then I will meet you at the house.” There was no way I was getting into this, with her standing this close to us. It was far too dangerous.

“No,” Bella panicked. “No, Jasper, I’m not leaving you!”

“I’ll be fine. Obviously Edward and I have some things to settle, and I feel it would be better for you, if you were not around when we did that.” I loved her far too much to ever let him hurt her. I felt the rage creeping up from within him. He must have read my thoughts, and realized that I was trying to protect her from him.

He clenched his jaw and spoke through his teeth, “You have got to be kidding me. When did I become the threat, and you, the prince?”

Don’t do this. I said to just him. Just leave us, and I will meet up with you later.

“I’m not leaving her with you.”

“Edward, she’s already with me.” Was he that dense?

The thought of that set him off, because I no sooner finished my sentence, when a low growl emitted from his chest. Bella gasped. I reached around her waist and put her behind me, against the car. Edward realized again that I saw him as a threat to her. He crouched down, and bared his teeth.

“Edward, stop it! I don’t want to hurt you, but I’ll do whatever it takes to protect her.” Again, I knew I should have been calming him down, but I was so wrapped up in what Bella was feeling, that I must have been distracted.

“Jasper, make him stop.” I could feel her body trembling against my back. Everything was happening so fast.

“Bella, get in the car.” I ordered.

“Why do you keep trying to take her away from me?” Edward asked. “Do you really think I am capable of hurting her?” He carefully moved back and forth, and I knew he could lunge at any second.

“Bella, do what I told you to do!” She wasn’t moving. She was too terrified to do anything. I couldn’t help her, because that would require me to take my eyes off of Edward, and I couldn’t afford to do that. He was crazed, and I had to stop him from attacking.

“She’s not listening to you, Jasper. Maybe she wants to come with me? Do you, Bella? You must know I’m the safer bet. At least you know I won’t drain you if you get a paper cut.”

I snapped and growled back, and before I knew it, I was in an attack crouch. Edward kept taunting me. “Oh, there is the Jasper that I know. The animal, the predator, the killer. Have you told Bella just how many innocents you have sunk your teeth into?” I growled louder this time. “That’s right, Jazz, show her what you really are.”

“Stop it, Edward!” I heard her scream, as she put herself between us. Had I been in my right mind, I would have known her standing there was a mistake, but I couldn’t focus on that, because all I could feel was Edward’s rage, and it was being pushed back on me. Bella turned toward me, and placed her hand on either side of my face. She shouldn’t be this close to me when I was like this. I could accidentally … no, I could never hurt her. Her touch seemed to be calming me, if that were possible.

“Jasper,” she whispered. “Look at me.” She was no longer afraid. “We can both get in the car together and go home.” She gently stroked my cheeks with her thumbs. “Please, baby … we have come so far.” I could feel my rage being replaced with her warmth. She leaned in, and softly kissed my lips. Big mistake.

In that instant, I could sense Edward charging toward me, and I knew Bella would not survive that impact. I quickly tried to push her out of his path, but I wasn’t fast enough. He slammed into her side, jolting her body half way across the parking lot. I heard her sharp intake of breath, a crack as he made contact, and a thud as she hit the asphalt. She was stunned almost as much as Edward. “Bella,” he started toward her. I grabbed him by the back of his neck, pushing him against the car, as I turned him to face me. I put my hand around his throat, and did what I should have done when I first found him with her. I hit him with as much guilt and remorse as I could muster. He dropped to his knees. I felt his excruciating pain, but it didn’t bother me at all.

I ran over to Bella and in that moment, I had never been so afraid in all of my existence. “Sweetheart?” I leaned down, and found that she was still breathing. Relief washed over me. “Bella, baby, can you hear me?”

“Jasper, it hurts,” she whimpered.

“Okay, baby, don’t move. Can you tell me what hurts? Did you hit your head?”

“N-No, my side, where he smacked into me. I think something broke.”

Edward gasped. I was going to kill him for this. He was now leaning down over her. “Bella, show me where it hurts,” he said.

She motioned to her right side. He put his hand out to touch where she was pointing. I grabbed his arm and said for only him, I will rip it off!

“I need to see if her ribs are broken.” He violently pulled his arm out of my grip.

“Jasper, it’s okay. Let him see, and then you can take me away from here.”

I cringed at the thought of him touching her.

“Now you know how I feel,” he said. He gently pressed on her ribs, and she let out a small noise of agony. I took her hand and calmed her.

“Ouch!” she cried. “That really hurts.”

“Bella, I can’t tell if they are broken. We need to get you to Carlisle. I’m so sorry.”

“It’s okay Edward. You didn’t mean it.” Her voice was so strained, but of course she would forgive him. She would forgive anyone anything.

Edward leaned in and started to pick her up, but I pushed him back. “Jasper, we need to get her to Carlisle. I’ll put her in the car and sit with her, while you drive.”

“I don’t think so!” I reached into my pocket and threw the keys at him. “You drive.”

I gently scooped her up, and cradled her in my arms. She cried at the movement. “I’m sorry, Bella. I’ll try not to hurt you.” I slid into the backseat, and laid her head in my lap.

Tears were streaming down her face, and I could feel the pain building from within her. “Jasper, can you put your hand on my ribs, like an ice pack?”

I smiled as I gently placed my hands underneath her shirt. At least I wasn’t totally useless to her, because, God knew, I had done nothing to protect her. She squeezed her eyes shut and tried to breathe, but even that seemed uncomfortable for her. “Bella, I’m going to help you sleep now, and when you wake up, Carlisle will fix this.”

“Don’t leave me.” She panicked.

“Not ever.” As if I ever could.


“Yes, sweetheart… I promise.” I placed her into a deep sleep, so that she wouldn’t feel the pain anymore, but I wasn’t sure how long I could keep her that way, because as the minutes passed, the pain would intensify.

“Jasper, I don’t know what came over me. You have to know that it was a major shock to find out about the two of you, and it was even worse for me to see it with my own eyes. I snapped, and I should have known better.”

“Alice?” I knew she must have seen us, but I couldn’t believe she would tell Edward, knowing how he would react.

“Yes, she has been seeing the two of you for some time now, and she has been doing her best to keep it from me, but today, when she saw you here in Forks, she slipped up and I caught the vision.”

Poor Alice. I would never have wanted her to see my life with Bella. “So you couldn’t just leave us? You had to track her down?”

“What was I suppose to do? The last time you saw her, you were trying to kill her.”

“That was a long time ago. Things change, people change.”

“You are still a vampire.”

“And, so are you. You proved that today, didn’t you?” Bella began to stir. I stroked her hair. “Shh … we’re almost there.” She drifted back to sleep.

“How did she do that in the parking lot? You were growling and in an attack stance, but she pulled you out of it. She wasn’t even afraid of you.”

“There are so many things about Bella that you don’t know.” I began to think about all the quirks that made her my Bella.

“I’m sure you will enlighten me.”

“Stay out of my head Edward; you may not like the things you see.”

“How could you do this?” he asked.

“I didn’t do it on purpose. It just kind of happened.” And that was the truth.

“Nothing happens by accident,” he snapped back.

“You’re right, Edward! You set this in motion when you pulled her out of the path of that van, when you couldn’t stay away from her… you brought her into our lives, and then you left her alone.”

“I left to protect her from you, from me, from all of us.”

“She didn’t need to be protected, not from us. She is so strong, and she knows exactly what she wants.”

“And, I suppose that is you?” I could feel the jealously rising from within him. “I’m telling you now that you can’t have her!”

Was he kidding? “I already do.” He gripped the steering wheel, and increased the speed.

Bella began to move. “Jasper?”

“Yes, darlin’?” I leaned down and kissed her head.

“Don’t fight with Edward, please…” She closed her eyes again.

I locked eyes with him in the rearview mirror. Just shut up and get us there.

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Chapter 17: Chapter 17


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We pulled up to the house and I swiftly pulled her out of the car, careful not to jolt her too much. Alice opened the front door; obviously she was waiting for us. “Jazz!” She gave me a quick smile, and then hissed at Edward, “I told you.”

He didn’t say anything, but I would deal with that later. “Carlisle,” I yelled, and he was at my side in an instant. “I think it’s her ribs, but I’m not sure.”

“Let’s get her upstairs, so that I can examine and x-ray her. Is she unconscious?” He asked.

“Hi, Carlisle,” Bella said, without opening her eyes. “Can you fix this?”

“I’ll see to it that you will be as good as new,” he calmly told her. “Jasper, take her upstairs.”

“I didn’t mean just fix me, Carlisle. Can you help them, too?”

I could feel her concern for Edward and myself. “Bella, you don’t have to worry about anything. Just relax and let Carlisle help you.” I carried her up the stairs.

After she was done with the x-rays and Carlisle examined her, he taped her ribs. We put her in the guest bedroom, and he motioned for me to step outside with him. I didn’t want to leave her, and he knew it. “She will be fine. I gave her something for the pain, so she will be out for some time.” I hesitated. “Jasper, I promise she is fine.”

We stepped out into the hall where Edward, Esme and Alice were waiting. I could feel their anxiety and worry for Bella.

Esme extended her arms for me. “Jasper, I’ve missed you.”

I hugged her. “Thanks, Esme. It’s good to see you, too.”

“How is she, Carlisle? She asked.

“She will be on the mend for a while. It seems that when you slammed into her, Edward, you fractured three of her ribs, but thankfully there is no other damage. I’m sure we can all appreciate that it could have been a lot worse.”

“I’m an idiot. I didn’t mean to hurt her. Can I see her?”

“You truly are out of your mind,” I said.

“No, Edward, you may not see her now,” Carlisle said. “I think it is best if we let her rest and then if she wants to see you, and Jasper will allow it, you can go in.”

I’ll never let you near her again, I spoke in my head.

He glared at me, and if looks could kill…

“Edward, Jasper,” Carlisle said. “Can you tell me what the two of you were thinking? How could you get into a confrontation with Bella standing there? It was careless, reckless and totally irresponsible.”

“It was my fault, Carlisle. Jasper tried to remove Bella from the situation, but I kept taunting him. There is no excuse for my behavior.”

“We know you didn’t mean it,” Esme said.

“Too little, too late,” I said.

“I may be the reason she got hurt today, but this is ultimately your fault.”

“How the hell do you figure that? She has been perfectly safe with me these past few months. We run into you, and now she has three cracked ribs. I could kill you.”

“I’d like to see you try.”

“Let’s take it outside, little brother.” Suddenly Carlisle was in front of Edward and Alice was grabbing my arms, holding me back.

Esme yelled, “Edward, Jasper, please.”

“I meant what I said in the car, as long as I exist you will not have her.” He snarled. I could feel his frustration creeping in.

“It’s not your choice, Edward.” I reminded him.

“The hell it isn’t. I brought her into this nightmare, and I’ll be damned if I let you destroy her.”

Carlisle intervened, “Edward, stop it! You set this path in motion.”

“No, Carlisle!” He was annoyed.

“Son, I know you don’t want to hear it, but when you left Bella, you left her free to choose, and I know Jasper is not who you wanted for her, but it is not for you to decide.”

Edward glared at me. “Then you choose for her. Leave her alone and give her a normal life.”

“She already tried that when you left, and it didn’t work. You should have seen her when I found her in Alaska, two years later. She was a mess. For some reason she is drawn to us, and I won’t make the same mistakes you did.”

“What are you saying? That it’s her fate? That she is somehow destined to be with you?” He was in disbelief.

Alice released her hold on me, and for the first time during this conversation, she spoke. “Yes, Edward, and the sooner you understand that, the better off we will all be.”

“Alice,” Carlisle said. “What are you saying?”

“I’m saying that Edward did set this path in motion, but not because of that day he left Bella in the forest. No, it was much sooner than that.”

I processed this new information for a second. Of course, Alice had seen it from the beginning, and that’s why she let me go. She looked into my eyes and realized that I got it.

“No,” Edward said. “You said that she was for me, and that I would be the one.”

“No, Edward, I said that I saw her become like us, but I never said which one of us did it.”

I was still stunned. “You knew it was me all along?” She nodded her head in agreement.

“No, I don’t believe that,” Edward said.

“Alice, I’d like an explanation, please,” Carlisle said. “All of you, in my study now.”

“Carlisle, I can’t leave Bella.”

“Jasper, she is sleeping and will be out for a while. You will only be down the hall.”

“Esme,” I pleaded.

“I’ll stay with Bella, and I promise as soon as she starts to stir, I will call you.” She looked apologetically at Edward, and I’m sure she spoke for only him to hear.

Carlisle sat at his desk, while Alice and Edward sat on the sofa. I stood against the door, not feeling the urge to get all cozy and comfortable while my Bella was in another room without me. Besides, the emotions swirling around the room were beginning to overwhelm me.

“Well, Alice, I would love to hear what you have to say,” Carlisle said.

“I need to apologize to all of you. I thought I was doing the right thing by keeping those premonitions to myself. I thought with my visions being so subjective, that as long as I stayed with Jazz, and Edward was with Bella, that I could change the outcome, but I couldn’t. At first the visions were sporadic and weren’t always clear. They started the afternoon Edward saved Bella in the school parking lot.”

“You knew from the beginning?” Edward asked.

“I told you that they weren’t clear; just a glimpse of Bella and Jasper together, but then they would fade out. I figured maybe Jasper had a stray thought about Bella, or that she thought he was cute, and that would explain why their futures were always trying to come to the surface.”

“Alice, I never thought of Bella in that way while we were together.” I needed her to know that.

“Jazz, I know, but the visions kept getting stronger, even as Edward and Bella grew closer. Then on the night of her birthday, after what had happened, I thought for sure that would have changed the course, but it didn’t.” She stopped.

“What did you see, Alice?” Edward asked.

She was hesitant, and I could feel some uncertainty settling in. I sent her a calming vibe.

She smiled at me. “I haven’t felt this calm in a long time, thanks.”

“Why don’t you finish your story, Alice?” Carlisle suggested.

“After Edward took Bella home that night and we got Jasper under control, I had a vision.” She looked at me. “Of you turning Bella.”

“Of course you did. He had just tried to go for her neck a few hours before,” Edward said.

“No, in the vision he wasn’t attacking her, because Bella was a willing participant. She wanted him to do it.”

It was so clear now. “That’s why you didn’t want me to come with you.” I stared at her for a few seconds. “You let me go, knowing that I would end up with Bella.”

“I tried to fight it that whole summer, but then I realized I owed it to you to let your life take it's natural course. I had to free you, so that you could eventually find Bella.”

“How did you keep that from me?” Edward asked. “Why couldn’t I see that in your head?”

“The earlier visions were easy to keep from you, because I didn’t think they really meant anything and I didn’t think about them. The one of Jasper turning her occurred shortly before we left Forks, and you didn’t come with us. The few times that I saw you after that, I was able to block it from my thoughts. And, my later visions of the two of them, well, we know how that ended. You found out this morning.”

“Why did you lead me to believe that Bella was for me?”

“Don’t you think that I wanted to believe that, too? I was hoping I was wrong, but even after he attacked her, I saw that she was going to want him someday. I saw how happy they were going to be. Edward, she loves him.”

“And, I love her,” I said.

“No!” Edward said, and I could feel his rage building again. “I love her too, but I did the right thing to make her safe, and now I am asking you to do the same.”

“I can’t leave her. It’s out of my control. Didn’t Alice just explain all of that?”

Carlisle interrupted, “Alice, I appreciate what you tried to do for this family, and I understand how hard it must have been for you.”

“I failed this family. I was selfish. I should have told the truth from the beginning, because it would have saved so much pain for all of us.” She looked at Edward. “You seemed to have paid the highest price, and I’m sorry.”

“It’s not your fault, Alice,” Edward said, as he looked at me.

“Of course, the whole thing is my entire fault, right?” I spat back.

“You could have left her when you found her in Alaska. Problem would have been solved.”

“No, Edward, I couldn’t. No man could have. She was lonely and sad. She had no one. Do you know this visit to Forks is her first in over a year? She hasn’t even spoken to Renee in God knows how long. She has no friends. Do you want to talk about whose fault all of that is?”

“I know I hurt her, but I was trying to help her. What are you trying to do to her?” He asked.

“I know I’ll never hurt her the way you did. I’ll never leave her broken and empty, and so full of despair that she doesn’t even want to get out of bed in the morning. Yes, Edward, I know all of this because when I found her in Alaska, these were the emotions I got from her. And, I don’t even have to talk about her abandonment issues. You saw for yourself how she panics if she thinks I might leave her. It’s going to take me years to sort through that, and convince her that I am never going to leave her.”

He jumped off the couch and charged me, before any of us could react. He was so full of anger that it would take most of my power to settle him down. This time, he had my throat and I was against the wall. He was fast; I would give him that, but I was stronger. I reached for his throat and pushed him against the opposite wall, slamming him into it.

“Jasper, stop him.” Carlisle pleaded.

It would have been so easy to replace his rage with something more peaceful, but I didn’t want to. I wanted us to finish this and move on for Bella’s sake. I needed him to understand that he was no longer calling the shots when it came to her. “I’m going to say this one last time, so pay attention. Bella is mine.” He growled and tried to push me back, but I stood my ground, and increased the pressure on his throat. “You are not listening.” I hissed.

“Jazz, stop!” Alice screamed.

“I will never leave her, and I will fight you with everything I have if you try to interfere in our relationship. I could kill you for what you did to her today, but that would only cause this family more pain, and I will not be responsible for taking Esme’s son away from her. Plus, I’m smart enough to know that Bella would never forgive me if I hurt you.”

“Jasper…” I heard Esme call for me. “Bella is waking now.”

I took a deep breath, and sent a much needed dose of calm throughout Carlisle’s study. Edward released his grip from my throat, and I did the same for him. I pushed him back to the wall and ran to Bella.

I could hear her talking. “Esme,” she smiled, and I felt how happy she was to see her.

“Bella, it’s so nice to finally see you again.”

“Where’s Jasper?” She started to panic.

“I’m right here, darlin’.” I walked to her bedside. “How are you?”

“I’m fine, now.” She reached for my hand. “I’m sore, though.”

“You will be for sometime.” Carlisle said, as he walked into the room. Alice and Edward were peering in from the hall. “I’ll give you something for the pain.”

“Thanks for helping me, Carlisle,” she said.

“It was my pleasure, but I only wish this reunion wasn’t about you getting hurt,” he said.

“Bella,” Esme said. “Despite your injuries, dear, you are as striking as ever.”

“Thanks, but not as beautiful as you,” she blushed.

“I know there are a few here who would disagree with that.” Esme glanced at me, and then Edward. Bella followed her gaze, and her eyes met Edward’s.

I gently squeezed her hand. “Bella?” She looked at me.

“Jasper, I think I need to speak to Edward.” She no sooner had the statement out of her mouth, when he was standing over her.

Back off! I glared at him.

“She wants to see me, Jasper,” Edward said, and I felt his excitement.

“Fine. Go ahead, Bella, say what you need to say.”

“Maybe Bella would like some privacy?” Carlisle suggested.

“I’m not leaving her with him.”

“We can wait in the hall, if that puts you more at ease, Jasper,” Esme said.

“No,” Bella said. “Jasper, I’ll be fine. There are some things that I need to say to Edward, and I don’t want an audience.”

“Bella, after what happened today, I just don’t think that is such a good idea.”

“Jasper, you haven’t hunted in over a day. Maybe you and Alice could go together, I’m sure there are some things that you would like to explain to her.” She looked at Alice and smiled, but Alice didn’t respond. Alice had been through enough, and she needed time to actually see Bella and I together, and not just in a vision.

“Bella, are you sure about this?” I asked.

“It’s time for me to resolve this. It’s one of your conditions, remember?”

I couldn’t argue with that. I bent down and softly kissed her lips. Edward’s jealously spiked, but I didn’t care. “I won’t go far, and I will be back soon.” I looked at Edward. I swear if you hurt her again, you won’t be able to run fast enough. He rolled his eyes at me. He was as smug as ever.

“Alice, are you ready to go?” I wanted this over as quickly as possible. I couldn’t even believe I was agreeing to it, but I always seemed to give Bella what she wanted.

“Edward,” Alice warned. “We won’t be long.”

“Bella, you call my cell if you need me,” I told her.

“I’ll be fine, but you be careful. I’ll see you soon.” She smiled, and I could feel all of her love for me.

I left against my better judgment, but I knew this was something that had to be done. If Bella and I were ever going to move forward, she would have to let go, and find a way for Edward to release her. I just hoped that whatever hold he had on her wasn’t as strong as before, or at the very least, my hold was stronger.

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