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A place to read, write, relax and unwind. Lose yourself in an alternate world…

What is Fan Fiction? It’s an author’s creative writing that uses pre-existing characters from books, television or movies.

Are you obsessed with Fan Based Fiction? Well, you’ve come to the right place. FanFictionFrenzy.com is the premiere place to come if you are looking for an alternate look at your favorite book, movie or television show. It’s the place for authors to share their imagination and passion with all of us, and where the reader can get lost in fantastic and well written fan fiction.

Have you ever wished that the original author switched the pairings of certain characters? Maybe you didn’t get that Happily Ever After you were hoping for? Wouldn’t in be wonderful if the book you were reading never had to end? Well, here it doesn’t have to. Fan Fiction authors can continue on with the story, spin alternate universes and mix up the pairings, creating all sorts of imaginative and original fan fiction. The possibilities are endless…

The beauty of this site is you pick what you want to read or write. It’s a creative forum where authors are encouraged to tell the story the way that they envisioned it with no limitations. FanFictionFrenzy.com is a place where the writer can create a story and share it with other interested readers. Our goal is to create a forum where aspiring writers can obtain positive feedback and constructive criticism while sharing their gift and love of writing with the world. It’s a workshop that offers you a place to enhance your gift of writing while supplying the avid reader with never ending material. If you’ve got the time, we’ve got the forum.

FanFictionFrenzy.com is a friendly, encouraging community that creates a fun and caring environment for a writer to set free their talent. Readers benefit by not only reading the works, but have an opportunity to discuss and comment on the story as it unfolds. How many times have you wished that you could contact the author of a novel and ask them their thought process? Did you ever want to know why a writer headed in a certain direction? Or what inspired them to write the story in the first place? Here’s your opportunity.

We accept all types of Fan Fiction, but we know what readers want, so if you have a Twilight vision you want to share with us, please consider posting it here.

Check out our current entertainment news page, author and story spotlight section, reviews and recommendations and contest opportunities.

Writers - Please review are guidelines and rating system before submitting. We accept all stories, pairings and universes. Register with us to submit your work…we’d love to read it!

Readers – This site is set up as a place for you to enjoy and benefit from free fan based fiction, so please be kind and respect the authors who work so hard on their work. If you don’t like a particular fiction, please just move on to the next story. Constructive criticism is allowed and encouraged, but bashing and hurting someone’s feelings is not acceptable.

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